Mobile hammer mills

Hammer mills Panizzolo Flex and hammer mill shredders of ZB Group

The series Panizzolo FLEX grinding mills are developed to let you refine a lot of different scrap fractions into better separable metals.

The design is based on the principle of the hammer mill, but a lot of good things have been added to this.

Working principle: the grinding mill sizes down, destroys connections between materials, and cleans the input material.


  • The Panizzolo FLEX is a plant, not a single machine: it consists of a mill with system for feeding input material and taking out and separating the output material;
  • Plants have compact builds and are available also as mobile versions;
  • Quick exchange system for grids, profiled plates and anvils using hydraulics;
  • Hydraulic system for opening and closing the plant makes working on it easy. 

 Examples of succesful applications are treatment of:

  • Electric motors & transformers
  • WEEE/Electric and electronic waste
  • UBC´s
  • Aluminium
  • Metal fractions coming from household or industrial waste

 THOR  made by ZB Group: powerfull mobile hammer mill shredders for treatment of steel and aluminium scrap that can move over a scrap yard by itself on its tracks.

Power installed from 760 HP up to 2.200 HP, effective width of rotor from 1.500 mm and 2.100 mm.


  • Wide rotor with heavy hammers (105 kgs each) makes THOR suitable for different scrap types;
  • Shredded scrap has high a density;
  • THOR can move by itself, and can drive on and off a low loader.