Scrap Shears: Pre-Compression With Lids

Scrap Shears: Pre-Compression With Lids

Lefort has invented the scrap shears with the pre-compression with lids-system in 1964. Since then, a lot of manufacturers followed in Leforts footsteps in building this type of shears. These Lefort scrap shears with lid compression are allround metal recycling machines, suitable for cutting and baling of all sorts of ferrous and non ferrous scrap.  

The advantages of pre-compressing with lids:

  • With the lids in open position these machines have a spacious box that makes loading scrap easy. 
  • By operating the steering and the compression lid, the pre-compression is done in shortest possible time.

 The lids-system is applied on the popular semi-mobile and mobile machines, but also on the heavy duty stationary machines.

The Lefort-program for scrap shears with pre-compression with lids:

-Conkest: compact and economical scrap shears for smaller scrap volumes, stationary or mobile.

-Conkeror: one-piece construction on frame for stationary or semi-mobile operation.

-Mobile: one-piece construction mounted on trailer chassis with axles, brakes and air suspension, moveable by truck.

-Midway: medium-heavy construction combined with compact build, for stationary positioning. Shearhead fitted with crosshead with window/table for support when cutting short lengths.

-Amazone: the heavy duty range of machines with pre-compression with lids in the Lefort-program. Very powerful with matching heavy construction. Typical for this range are the crosshead with  window/ table and the long guides for the crosshead. These machines are for stationary operation only.