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Lefort Koloss BL

The KOLOSS BL is equipped with a press bucket with side compaction for processing all types of scrap and heavy construction scrap. Available with 2000T cutting force, the Koloss BL is an extremely robust and powerful machine with a very high production capacity.

These multi block presses/shears are divided into 3 parts: the shear head, the press box and the drive unit. On request, a safety platform with cabin can be installed to use the machine in complete safety and comfort.
Available in electric or diesel version.

Technical data:

Cutting power: 1000 - 2000T

Feeding punch force: 180T

Pressure force of pestle: 200 - 600T

Pressure force of press cover: 350 - 600T

Side pressure block power: 440 - 800T

Press box: 8 - 10M

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