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   Pre Chopper TG680

Pre-chopper for processing cable without or with light reinforcement. The machine has a cutting chamber with a hydraulic pusher. Loading in a spacious input hopper. The rotor knives have 4 usable cutting edges, the stator knives have 8 usable cutting edges. Good accessibility of wearing parts. The machine is supplied with a switch cabinet with a clear control panel.

Technical data:


Rotor length: 680 mm
Number of rotor knives: 10
Number of stator knives: 11
Drive power: 17 kW / 380 V / 50 Hz
Processing capacity: up to approx. 650 kg/hour
Input hopper dimensions (L x W): 1,300 x 1,200 mm
Machine dimensions (L x W x H): 1,670 x 1,300 x 1,800 mm Weight: approx. 1,650 kg

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