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   Tecnoecology T750

The T750 is a cable granulating and separation installation for processing various degreased types of electrical cable without steel reinforcement. The T750 is composed of various modules including pneumatic transport.


  • Heavier copper granulate is separated via a zigzag separator, so that the turbine mill is less burdened with heavier copper granulate.

  • Turbine mill for carbonization of hair wire.

  • Complete with air transport system for granulate, dust extraction and air filter as standard.

  • Recommended pre-reducer: TG 850

Technical data:

Number of rotor knives: 3

Number of stator knives: 2

Drive power: 95 kW / 380 V /50 Hz

Processing capacity per hour: Approx. 600-800 kg/hour

Dimensions (L x W x H): 8,500mm x 6,400mm x 4,200mm

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